Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sox @ Cleveland, Noon Today [14-2 Win] (Live Updates In Comments)

[Update, 1:51: Red Sox 13, Indians 0 in the 6th. See comments for details.]

[Update: Definitely check those comments because we scored lots and lots of runs in the first inning!]

Youk out today. Drew out today. Pedroia back today.

Mitch Talbot called up to pitch for them. Lester goes for us. 12:05.

Yanks and Tampa also play afternoon games.

First place by dinner, please!

Sweet start! Ellsbury single, Pedroia mega-dong to left! 2-0 us. And Gonzalez singles before I can post this....
Crawford knocks in another. 3-0. Salty single--and the RF boots it and another run comes in! 4-0 quickly! Still one out.
Crawford sac fly. 5-0. Sutton bloop single. 6-0 Red Sox in the 1st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ellsbury cracks one up the middle, he's 2 for 2 this inning. Come on Dustin, make it a double-dong inning for yourself... pull a Von Hayes with a 5-RBI first.... no dong but he gets an RBI single. 7-0 us.
Gonzalez flies to shallow left.

After a half inning: Red Sox 7, Cleveland coming up.
Wow, I thought my live score app was jankin' out on me or something. 7-0 within 30 minutes. Not too shabby. I hope it doesn't rain in Cleveland today.
Mr.B. Rain has officialy been prohibited in the Cleveland area. So far, so good.
Gonzalez rips an RBI single after Dustin was robbed of his third hit of the game on an incredible all-out diving catch. 8-0 SOX in the third.
Crawford dong, he's got single, double, homer. (The double could have been called a triple but was double + error.) 9-0 in the 4th.
Lester: 2 hits, no walks, retired the last 10.

9-0 Red Sox after 4.
Drew Sutton with his first three hits as a member of the Red Sox today!

10-0 in the 6th.
Yanks up 3-0, Tampers down 2-0.

Crawford looking for that triple...gets a double.

I'm tellin' you, that double he hit earlier, the right fielder cut it off in very deep right center, and bobbled it. I felt like Crawford was thinking 3 all the way. But they said double/error. So had that been a triple, and had he still gotten this double, he'd have a cycle right now. With three innings left to play!
Salty 3-run blast!!!!!!

13 to fuckin' zip in the 6th!
Ellsbury RBI double. We're gonna bat around for the second time in the game in the 6th here.

"Captain America is totally sloshed." --Don.

There are all these guys at the stadium dressed as different characters, just hangin' out on the beer line...

Scooby Doo, Goofy, multiple Captain Americas...
Why the character costumes? And why so many day games today?

And let's not forget that Lester is throwing a gem.
Mentioned Lester after 4.

Don't know why all the costumes.

Getaway day explains the day games, but I don't know why tomorrow's game in Detroit, game one of that series, is an afternoon affair.
The one guy who was a hit away from the cycle was taken out of the game.....

Yanks up 5-0, Rays down 2-0, delayed by rain in the 3rd. Would be good if Detroit has to use a lot of their pen the day before we go there.

14-0 Red Sox, middle 8th.
Cameron doesn't know what he's doing out there. Earlier, he lets a pop up drop in front of him and it almost hits him in the foot and goes past him. Don says the ball "exploded on him" to get past him--no, that's just what happens when a ball lands right at your feet and for some reason you don't stick your glove out.

Then in the 8th, a high lazy fly ball, and his path to it leaves him nowhere near where the ball lands. It bounces into the stands for a double, and keeps the inning alive--and they end up with 2 runs, ruining the shutout. Fortunately, he's doing this on a day where we have 14 runs.
14-2 win. Yanks up 7-3 after 7. Rays in delay still.

Funny, I only planned on commenting for the runs today (essentially), but they scored so much I ended up with 20+ comments.....
Yanks in mid-7, not end of 7. Oh well, won't matter when the Jays hit 'em for 10 in the 9th.
Great job Jere. Another day game today! That's rare.

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