Wednesday, May 04, 2011


Today's the last day of our week as a Nielsen home. I've always wanted to do this--it's like the good jury duty. You know they actually sent us five one-dollar bills in the mail as incentive to mark down what TV shows we're watching? Last night, though, Verizon had an "outage" which lasted until this afternoon. What a crazy worksheet the Nielsen people are gonna get from us. It will include shows I've titled "Bin Laden Death Coverage" and "No TV, Verizon Outage."

I've also made sure to mark down shows I like and want to stay on the air, even if I forgot to watch them. Shhhh. Is this really how they tally the ratings? People sit there and read the surely incomplete chicken-scratch records of the few random people who not only were selected but remembered to do it and mail the thing back? There's got to be an easier way....

Sox vs. Team That Forgot How To Beat Us, 7:10, weather permittin'.

Oh yeah, the "Bin Laden Death Coverage" Show. I hope it gets renewed, or else he comes back to life.

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