Sunday, May 15, 2011

"Of All The Dramatic Things I've Eva Seen"

Tonight after Kim and I worked a show in NYC (she sells the soap, I'm just the pretty face that draws in the crowds--I also do change-making and car-moving), the Sox-Yanks game kept us company on the radio on the ride home. We heard Sterling and Suzyn for the first half, Dave and Joe for the second. So we got an hour and a half of hearing about the Jorge Posada fiasco as if it were the (what fans of the royal wedding think the) royal wedding (is). And then an hour and a half of hearing about how funny it is that Posada wouldn't play, along with how many thousands of Yankee fans were leaving the Stadium early.

The key is, Beckett was again amazing vs. the Yanks, and Adrian continues to gong-dong-silver away.

And whatever the hell happened with Jorge--I'm just glad the national audience got to hear about it. I love this stuff.

We're two back of them and four out of first. Another chance to get to .500 comes on Sunday night as we go for the sweep.

And then I get to see them Monday against the Orioles when they finally go above .500 for the season, thanks to your tix Jere. =)
Oh right, that's coming up! Enjoy...

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