Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Middle Child Fails Again

Down 4-3 in 7th, Crawford was caught stealing as Salt struck out. It kinda stank since we'd just cut it to 1 on two dongs in the previous inning. But also because the pitch was a ball and Crawford was safe! Zaun/Zahn/whoever said Craw was "clearly safe" though it was closer than that. But all the talk of that meant they didn't even talk about the pitch, which appeared to be way outside. They only showed one replay, an overhead shot that showed space between the ball and the plate.

Next inning, helped by several Lackey walks and a misplay on a deep fly by Carl, the Jays pulled away. Before Lackey could say "I'm pretty terrible," it went from 4-3 to 9-3. And there's your final.

Now we go to the Bronx, after our only day off in May. (Yanks are tied with KC in the 11th as I write this.) (Update, 11:42: Yanks lose 4-3 in 11! Hosmer with the game-winning sac fly and I guess that's a big deal to folks in Missouri and stuff.)

Big announcement tomorrow! It's not about baseball. If you follow this blog you might be able to guess it based on the time of year. (If you do know, and you find out the content of the announcement before me, don't tell me! I wanna live blog my own reaction...)

It was actually a 2-2 pitch and was called a ball
It was not called a ball! It was called strike three and Crawford was thrown out for the strike him out throw him out double play. (And yes it was a 2-2 pitch but I never said it wasn't. The point is, there should have still been 0 outs after that pitch, but instead there were 2.)

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