Monday, May 23, 2011

Just Horrible

We're up 2-1 for a long time, Buchholz does a fine job, and then in eighth, Pedroia slips rounding second. So he would have been on third, which could have led to insurance runs--and also, he hurts his ankle (or something) and has to leave the game. And in the bottom of the 8th, the first thing that happens: a ball to the replacement second baseman's left, the type of play we've seen Dustin make a thousand times. But Sutton, thinking of how he's gonna get back up and make the throw, doesn't get all the way down on the dive, and the ball scoots barely under his glove. That would be the eventual tying run, given up by Bard, credited to Clay. And then the next batter after it's tied, a near-dong to left, scoring the go-ahead run. All this happening just as the Yanks are losing and the Rays are going down big. First place was right there for the taking. Instead we're down 3-2 going to the ninth.

We did rally, putting guys on first and third with one out, but Crawford hits the most tailor-goddamn-fucking-made double play ball to end it. Like, not even a chance despite his speed. Fuck it all.

Beckett-Carmona, tomorrow night. If we can follow up Saturday's debacle with a win, we can certainly come back from this. Still, FUCK!

Look at the bright side...huge win for the Bruins tonight! /ducking

Ok, here's the Jere-Specific bright side: Pedroia's ankle is apparently okay. Still a crappy loss on another night when they could have slipped into first place.
And I was pissed when they cut to Tappen with a hockey update with the game on the line in the ninth! At least it was audio-only.

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