Saturday, May 14, 2011

Walking All Over NY

I missed the game in New York because I was in New York. Planned a Chan visit that happened to coincide with the Red Sox being in town. But as we walked around after dinner we watched pieces of the game as we passed establishments that had it on TV. The last thing I saw was Bard getting Tex with a man on third in the eighth with us up 5-2. And I'm very glad I didn't have to sweat through the rest of that inning. But whatever, we got the win.

But the play of the night was made by me on the streets of Manhattan. At 10:17, Chan asked me what time he thought we'd reach his apartment. We were 30 blocks away and had to get over to 1st from 5th. I used my simple but patented Manhattan math and told him 10:56. When we reached his door after what in total was an 80-block walk (Wanna lose weight? Move to NYC.), he holds up his phone: 10:56. I am a god. The God of Estimations.


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