Friday, May 20, 2011

Half-Game Back! (Or, And The Red Sox Pass The Yankees)

Updated to add this video--hopefully they don't take it down, after all, it's not like it's game footage:

35 days ago, we were 2-10. And while sane people such as myself and anyone else who isn't either the media or brainwashed by the media said, "it's April." Now we're a half-game out of first place. With still over 100 games to play in 2011.

We scored double digits for the first time this season. And we also won by double dij's, with a 15-5 victory over the Cubs on their first visit to Fenway since....well I think you know by now.

A half out, and a half ahead of the third place Yankees.

Lester didn't have his best proverbial stuff, but our O put on the fun-fest so it didn't really matter.

Throwbax tomorrow night....if there were that many Cub fans there tonight, imagine what the Saturday game will be like. Of course, I am happy to welcome any long-suffering Cub fan to my park.

Was Youkilis playing SS in the 9th there? I rewinded the play he made five times and I couldn't figure out if he was playing SS or they were employing a radical shift. No credit for playing SS in the box score.
I rewound that too--but just so I could try and see Sutton's number for redsoxdiehard. So now I'm rewinding again.....hold.... okay, no, he was playing 3rd, clearly two fielders between he and Gonzalez on the slo-mo.

But weird they'd care about shifting that much with a 10-run ninth inning lead.
The 10 run lead was why I couldn't figure out whether it was a shift or not. Crawford didn't even dive on when he scored - they clearly stopped caring in the 8th.
I was at the game. I can confirm both that Youk was shifted way over (well, not that far, but in the process of getting the ball, and throwing, by the time he threw it he was passing 2nd). Weirdly, the outfielders weren't shifted at all. I can also confirm that there were a substantial number of cubs fans. As many fans of an away team that you ever see at fenway.
Great game but we here in ALL of Connecticut won't be able to see the Saturday night game. Fox has made their'll be Mets and Yankees. I can understand that down in Fairfield county but up here a little north of Hartford, Red Sox Nation outnumbers the Yankee fans who will watch. Why couldn't Fox split the state into north and east (toward Boston) and southern CT. I was looking forward to the uniforms. Fox sucks.

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