Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day Baseball

[Update, 5:02: Game over. 7.5-inning 14-1 win. We actually won by more runs than we did yesterday! 28 runs on 36 hits in the last 17 innings. So we're tied for first (percentage points behind) going into the weekend.]

[Update, 4:15: Red Sox 14, Tigers 1, rain delay in the eighth. Details in the comments. Looks like we're gonna be tied for first going into the weekend.]

Sox @ Tigers 1:05. Any updates I give ya will be in comments. Bad weather on the way to Detroit, supposedly.

Just read an article that said when the Red Sox were 2-10, "many people" seemed to think the season was over. "Many" people thought a 162-game season couldn't be salvaged after 12 games? Actually, I shouldn't be surprised that the brainless ones get attention. We live in a society where the top story the other day was "the world is still here." The media is pure shit.

Sun is out, lots of empty seats. Scherzer throws 6 straight balls to start the game. But we waste the leadoff walk.
Papi and Craw single, Sutton doubles home a run. 1-0 us in the 2nd. Reddick singles on the first pitch he sees! 2-0 us.
Austin Jackson faked like he was gonna catch Reddick's bloop single. Had he just kept coming in for it, he would have caught it. He let it land just short of his feet. I honestly think if he tries to catch that ball, he gets to it without even having to dive.
THREE RUN DONG Ellsbury! 5-0 Red Sox in the second!
5-0 after 1.5. Gotta get five innings in before the rain comes.
Sutton really hitting the ball. And then there's the power threat at the top of the order...
Two-run triple for Carl! 7-0, exit Scherzer.
5-0 after 1.5. Gotta get five innings in before the rain comes.

You saying we should stop scoring now (after Crawford's triple) so we can get there?
That's six base hits in a row for CC. His average is knocking on .240, and his OPS is soaring above .600 now.

Yesterday's 4-for-4 performance before and afters: BA .212 > .229; SLG .293 > .335; OPS .542 > .599
I'm saying don't waste any time getting dirt out of your cleats and don't make any unnecessary throws to first, in other words, do your thing and move along!

Yeah Carl's finally clickin'. I really thought he'd be the (slightly) more fun one to watch between him and Gonzalez, and he's starting to show people that.
After 2.5, Red Sox 7, Tigers 0.
Haha, they said how Pedroia was the one who organized the team bus ride from Cleve to Detroit, since he hates flying and it was gonna be rough weather. At that moment NESN showed a bus out in the parking lot, which Remy laughingly noted was NOT the bus the Red Sox took. Here's the bus they showed.
7-0 Sox after 3. Aceves doing fine.
I smell first place.
Carl Crawford has six consecutive hits, over which he has hit for the cycle.
7-0 middle of the fourth.
Yeah he got that triple that he shoulda had yesterday.

I have the radar map up. Rain getting close to Detroit. They took the tarp cover off. It's gonna be close. One out in the bottom of the 4th. Tigers with first and third.
7-1 Red Sox, two outs bottom 4.
So, top of the fifth, should we go with three ISO's? Intentional Strike Outs? Or lay down weak bunts and just sort of stroll towards first base?
7-1 after 4.

We should....never step out of the box.
And no, not ISO, that takes too long. Swing if it's close.
Stepping across the plate is nearly instantaneous.
Papi didn't get the message! The pitcher's standing on the rubber ready to pitch and he's standing around between pitches. Get in the damn box!!!!
It is apparently possible to get Crawford out.
okay, we finally go bottom 5. My radar map shows the rain about to hit Detroit any second now.
My map shows Detroit about to get covered in lichen. Can they play through lichen?
one out! this is tense!
"Can they play through lichen?"

I don't think Joba Chamberlin can.
Second and third, one out.
I"m watchin' these fans closely to see if I see an umbrella go up or jacket go on.....
Guy in front row puts hood on...we're still 2 outs away from official....
One out away!
One strike away!
Nicely done.
Woohoo! 5 innings complete! 7-1 Red Sox. Let it rain. (And note, this wouldn't be a Yankee 1-0 rain shortened win...we've proven we are the dominant team in this game.)
And two pitches into the 6th, the raindrops start to fall....
Too bad for Laura and Allan, though (if they're at this game.)
Well they'll get a nice long day at the park and so far have seen all good stuff on the field.
E-4 scores another for us. 8-1, 2 outs, 2 on in the 6th.
8-1 mid sixth.
If they're there, you should be able to spot them in the stands. Shouldn't be any other fans standing in the way.
Yeah I've been looking for them, but I have no idea where their seats are.
8-1 Red Sox after 6. Rain falling but still no tarp.
No idea either, but this is the game they're supposed to be at.
Papi double, Crawford's second triple of the day. 9-1.
9-1 Boston, 7th inning stretch. Rain coming down really hard.
Two-triple day. I like it.

I am off. Thanks for hosting the thread. Take care.
Dustin double makes it 10-1 in the 8th.
Gonzalez single makes it 11-1. Everybody in the starting lineup has a hit.
Everything's soaked. But they still won't pull out that tarp.

Four hits for Carl Crawford. Eight in his last two games, and he would have had more ABs yesterday had they not pulled him from the game.

Sutton Places one over the left fielder's head--RBI double makes it 12-1.
14 runs after 14 yesterday. Guess this blows the "save some runs for tomorrow" theory out of the water.

Reddick 2-RBI single makes it 14-1, still batting in the 8th.
14-1 Red Sox, mid eighth.
Yucky rain, but I love the score and I'm glad that Allan & Laura didn't get totally rained out. And they see A HUGE OFFENSIVE SHOW.
Officially in rain delay now, bottom 8 has not started.

They had water pooling in the infield, so.....
Indeed, there were losers who thought the season was lost at 2-10. I think most of them work at ESPN.

I'll be at the game on Saturday, so the Detroit weather better clear up for the weekend.
It's over. 7.5-inning 14-1 win.

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