Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cub Reporter

What's up with that Cubs series? I thought it was gonna be a huge deal. First it was lottery-only. Then they put it on sale in those SRO Pax. Then they made a "double play pack" where you could get a Cubs game and an Angels game. Then they made it so you could get a Cubs and an Angels/Twins/Tigers game. Now they just went ahead and put the Sunday Cubs game on sale the normal way--you can get EIGHT TOGETHER in the bleachers or right field boxes. (Or get them for twice as much on shithub, your call.)

Maybe they just really wanted normal people like us to be able to go, so they're dumping them often and in a variety of ways? Or maybe the Sunday night factor kept even the lottery winners from buying--I still can't believe every single one of those games is at night.

Sox @ Jays, 7:07.

Proof of Cubs availability below. Check out the 12-minute clock they've got now. And I don't like how at this stage of your order, you only see the color and number of your section, not the name. (Which would be a problem for people unfamiliar with Fenway, or if seats aren't available in your section and they offer you ones in a different section--though it does show it highlighted on a the seating map which is farther down the page.)

Thanks for the tip! The Cubs series was the only one I was still looking for a ticket to. I did win the "last chance" version of the yankees/Cubs drawing, but by then the only seats available were the $52 grandstands, which is more than I wanted to pay. I figured I'd just get in the day of game line and get SRO with no inconvenience fees. I had checked online a couple of times in the past couple of weeks, but I wouldn't have thought to look again tonight if I hadn't seen your post.

So thanks! I went with Pavilion SRO, because I haven't been up there in a couple of years.
I agree, it is very odd. I've had my eye on this series since they announced it, and ended up getting the 3-game SRO pack (since, you know, I wanted to go to 3 or more games). I guess they've at least only got Sunday night tickets left. It's still weird. After I didn't win the lotto, I thought I wasn't going, then after I got Standing room, I thought they must be done, and now this? It'll turn out they're selling box seats two days before or something.

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