Monday, May 16, 2011

Comeback Adults

Down 6-0 to the Orioles in the 6th. And we come back to win it on Adrian's Wall ball double in the bottom of the ninth. Tied for second! Exclamation point!

What a crazy night on Remy's return. Just as the game's about to start, our poor neighbor knocks on our door to tell us her house had been broken into. So while that was the main thing on our minds, when I finally started concentrating on the game, I notice there are still no outs in the first well past 7:10. Turns out Dice had been nailed by a liner to the chest on the first pitch. All the while I was attempting to make doughnuts, following a recipe that takes like 4 hours.

Then after the Sox cut it to 6-5, I'm in the kitchen between innings, knowing from the sound of the commercial that I'm not missing the game. Suddenly, the commercial ends, and Remy and Don are talking about "that's the type of power he has" or some shit, and I'm like, Wait, what? It sounds as if you're describing a home run...yet the inning hasn't started yet. But it had. I rewound the DVR to confirm it--when NESN came back from the commercial, the hitter was between third and home, having just hit a dong we didn't see. (After several weeks of "research" on this topic in Joy of Sox game threads, we've figured out that some people will have this happen while others won't, meaning it has to be a problem on each individual provider's end. Still, NESN needs to be goin' around to these providers who are responsible for giving their content to the masses, and sayin', "you're showing the game, right? Verizon, game? Comcast? No commercials right on top of the action right? Just makin' sure we're on the same page...")

Fortunately, we were able to get the W. After Jed and Craw couldn't get a guy home from third in the 8th, Dustin worked a walk and was able to score the winning run from first on Gonzalez's high fly off the Monster with the Sox down one, men on first and second, one out. (Conversely, the Yanks were UP 5-0 and LOST. Hahaha.)

And remember my Super Bowl contest? The winner's prize was tickets for tonight's game! What a game "redsoxfandave" got to see! I hope he stayed for the whole game. (Dave, if you didn't, I recommend you just tell me that you did.)

Funny moment (to me) when Watney did a report saying how many fans don't realize the existence of day-of-game ticket sales. And that they sell them at, get this, face value! Gee, Red Sox, where would fans get the idea that you can't get tickets for face value? Could it be that you are teamed up with and constantly advertise for an online ticket scalper with ridiculous prices while face value tickets to the same games are right there for sale at your physical and online ticket office? Hmmmm. (Also funny that Heidi said something about how the lines for the day-of-game tix would be long this weekend for the Cubs games. Hel-lo? Ticket office. Right now. All three games avail-ablllle...)

Hey Jere,

Great posts as always, thanks. I was just wondering how it is that Fenway gets away with the 'most consecutive sellouts' record when there are tickets available to be bought at the ticket office on the day of the game??


Red Sox fan from the UK
They way they do it is: You've got an exact number of seats in the park. But you've also got lots of standing room tickets. If the number of total tickets sold for a game exceeds the number of SEATS in the park, they call that a sell out. (Because if all the people in the park sat in a seat, every seat would be filled.

Leaving tickets up for sale via phone, web, and in person until the day of each game is something they've always done, and they sell 'em, believe me.

Of course there's also the fact that if the scalper sites have tickets (from fans or if they buy them themselves), well those have already been sold by the team--if no one buys those, that doesn't affect the Red Sox, they've sold the tickets already.

Which is what makes a lot of this weird, since STubHub (and in the Red Sox' case, Ace Tickets) are PARTNERED with the the MLB teams. It's all super-shady.

But in closing, at least 34,000 people show up to Fenway every game, so it's not like they're just making shit up, but there is some shadiness involved.
Thanks for your reply.

I had heard some of the reasons for it before, I was just slightly confused by, as you said, the super-shady deal when the ticket office is actually linked with the ball club!

Jere, I most definitely DID stay for the entire game. Are you kidding? My buddy Chris even video'd the entire bottom of the ninth. (I would have, but my battery was dead by then). Might have been the best game I've ever seen at Fenway. Thanks again for the tix!
Sweeeeet! You're welcome--but you WON the contest, so....nice job.
Whoops, commented under another account. Not the first time I've done that tonight!

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