Saturday, May 21, 2011

Chad Finn, Shut The Fuck Up

If I want to hear someone tell me never to boo Johnny Damon, or that when the Red Sox won the World Series they became "just another franchise," or that the Red Sox and Cubs have nothing in common (as if all pre-2004 events have been erased from our memories), I can listen to Michael Fucking Kay.

I won't even link his article. Yes, I still boycott that paper he writes for and many of the other ones, but I noticed the headline when I was searching for info on something else. Namely, Fox's decision to give the Mets-Yanks game to all of Connecticut tonight. Meaning you could live closer to Boston than New York, and you don't get to see the Red Sox-Cubs game. In 2011.

Just the fact that the network leaves themselves with a choice of where to draw the dividing line is shitty. People are gonna complain, rightfully, wherever it's drawn.

It looks like I've got the Yanks-Mets here in Virginia too. Oh no, I want to see the throwbacks.
Check back here tomorrow for some exclusive shots!
Surprised I don't see this headline more, Jere. For what it's worth, I hate the "just another franchise" crowd . . . which was the "be careful what you wish for" crowd before 2004. And I still don't think Johnny Damon should be booed. But I respect the other side. -- Chad
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Good for Chad for coming here and chiming in. I like Chad Finn alot; he's the old member of the Boston area media that I still read, unless you count Art Martone (but I don't think Art writes much anymore). He's a fantastic writer (aside from the uncharacteristic and reactionary 'Dump Dice-K' column from a month ago) and unlike pretty much the rest of the Boston media, doesn't hide that he's a big fan. He also is almost always very much the optimist about the Sox.

Ironically, I wouldn't have even seen Chad's post if it weren't yours, Jere. And I'm not sure what's so offensive about his main point, that since '04 the Sox and Cubs have gone on divergent paths. Frankly, I'm glad to be well past the 'Sox are cursed, and their fans are tormented losers' phase of how the media and the rest of the baseball world characterized us. It was always nonsense to begin with. Like Chad said, I'd like to see Cubs fans get to experience something like '04 too.
By the way, I accidentally posted originally under my wife's ID. D'oh!!!
Finn wrote in last time I criticized him too.

He used to be good, now he spouts not only usual media-shit, but pre-written media shit. WHat I mean by that is, Yankee-lovers for years said that crap about "they'll be just another team if they ever win." Then it happened, and their articles were all ready to go! It's a way of deflecting the fact we won. It's bullshit. And I have to read it from Finn in 2011? And that I shouldn't boo Johnny Damon? Is he paying any attention at all?

And come on, we all know exactly what the Cubs are going through. More than anyone else. Because we all remember all those years. It's not like 50 years have gone by!
I think the "don't boo Johnny Damon" argument lost every bit of oomph when Damon refused the trade to the Sox last season. As much as Game 7 of the ALCS gave him a near-lifetime pass, he did pretty much everything in his power to revoke it.
Jere, I can understand why you'd be annoyed by the Damon thing; we just disagree there. For me, what he did in Game 7 trumps anything that came afterward.

As far as the Cubs/Sox stuff goes, you're ignoring where I'm coming. I hate the "just another team" stuff, which I've referenced many times, usually when one of my media peers has done it. It's not true. What happened in '04 and to a lesser degree in '07 couldn't have been more fulfilling, and I'd change NOTHING about it. The be-careful-what-you-wish-for brigade was pissing on the parade, and I loath them for it as much as you do. I think anyone who reads my stuff consistently recognizes that and knows where I'm coming from.

My point about the Sox and Cubs is that they are different now, their relationship in history, because the Sox one. That is not a complaint, nor is it a put down. It's just that I don't see them as parallels anymore. It's not personal, and implication that it means I wish things hadn't changed is imaginary.

I enjoy your writing. Sorry it's no longer mutual, but it won't stop me from coming here and reading. -- Chad
Didn't I tell you to shut the fuck up? Hee heeeee, I kid, I kid.

I didn't say you wished the Red Sox hadn't won.

As for reading your stuff, it's more of a "Raul the pool boy" situation, where I kinda just have the few sources I read when it comes to the Red Sox and leave it at that. I never regularly read your stuff in the past, but when I did, I recognized it as something I liked, and the few times I saw it recently, it was the opposite. But the point is, it's a very small sample size I'm going by, and if there was some survey with all the known Red Sox writers from through the years and you had to rate them, you'd still be way, way ahead of lots and lots of people for me.

I also just get really frustrated when media people say stuff about the Red Sox that I disagree with. Maybe that's selfish or whatever, but I guess that's why I started blogging, so I could give my side. But when you guys say stuff, thousands of people see it, and when I say something, maybe a few hundred if I'm lucky, so that's why I get extra pissed sometimes, knowing that I can't tell everybody who read your stuff my side of the story.

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