Monday, May 02, 2011

Big W

I like to see those bust-out innings. Adrian's three-run doobler, Youk's one-run doobler, and Papi's dong put this one out of reach. But it was Dustin's long-ass at bat that gave us the lead. Kim and I were watching some sweet Michael Showalter videos during that part of the game, so I DVR'd it and was watching the Pedroia at bat while fast forwarding between pitches. And it was a really long at fast-forward! Finally he knocked in two off Weaver with a single. Not so tough are ya now Weava? Spin the wheel of fish.

On Gonzalez' hit, we actually had three runners between third and home at once. Screen shot to follow below as soon as I upload it.

Update on that weird MLB standings thing where they showed 1981: They now have standings going all the way back to 1901. We've had this stuff available for years on retrosheet and B-R, but now you can go to any date (back to 1901) right on the MLB site. If you want.

Tek's just about to cross home, Ellsbury's almost half way home, and Pedroia's already hitting third.


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