Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Big News

You can choose your exact seat at Fenway now right on! This is huge. Admittedly, that was an advantage the crappy scalper sites had over buying from the team. But now, you can go right to, pick not only a seating category, and not only a section within it, but the exact seats you want. The only thing bad here is that they instituted this during the season, and a lot of us have already bought all kinds of tickets. But, who cares, this is big. Honestly, I'll miss that moment of picking a seating category and seeing what they give you. But not that much!

Click "view seat map" on any game and get to work. (You have to do some double clicking on sections and stuff, but you will eventually seat each individual seat within each section, and you double-click to select the ones you want.) I also like how you get a better overview of what's truly available throughout the whole park for each game. And some sections are divided into weird new pieces, like chunks of rows within each one. I wonder if this is leading to a major change in price structure or if it's just done to divide them up further to make selecting easier.

Sox @ Jays, 7:07. Happy Cy Young Day!

Oh, this is sweet! Yeah, I do wish this was available when tix first went on sale--though I wonder if it's not feasible when the system is under such high demand. But given the vastly different ways that the Red Sox and I order seats in terms of desirability within price sections, this is awesome.

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