Tuesday, May 10, 2011

10-Inning L

You know how the Red Sox seem to have this theory of just ignoring baserunners for no goddamn reason? In the 10th tonight, Davis got on base, stole second on a pitch-out, and stole third, with one out. That was all they needed--a sac fly scored the winner for them. We miss getting to .500 yet again.

Five dongs in the last eight games for Adrian. We're really starting to see that Opp Fie Pow. He keeps reminding me of when Pop in The Natural says "anything he wants to hit, he hits." One of his two HRs tonight tied it in the ninth.

Geoff Zahn was in the booth with Don tonight. Some minor fun was had, even if Geoff kinda sounds like George W. Bush if he was an expert in the field of catching. A few times, NESN stayed on for the entire commercials. Of course, I rooted for them to start swearing, but the best we got was Zahn singing along to that weird Blue Jays-specific 7th inning stretch song and doing the secret Canadian arm motions.

Iglesias played again, and wore #76 again. It's now updated on Red Sox Diehard!

Aceves was sweating buckets. Like, he could actually fill a bucket up to a noticeable level with the perspiration coming off his hat brim. It made me gag. I couldn't look at the screen. And I have extensive experience watching Youkilis! At one point they showed him in the dugout, and he had a towel on his head, over his hat. I wondered if this was a sweat tourniqet.

Anyway, this could have been a win. We had leads, we had comebacks, we had a guy thrown out at home...goddamn.

I don't like Zahn at all. He's so low energy that it is really killing my enjoyment of the games.

On the other hand, Gammons was on recently and he's the best color commentator I've ever heard. I know he wouldn't ever want the job regularly but he was absolutely fantastic.
Wait, Geoff Zahn? I was late getting home last night so I missed the start of the game and was told it was Gregg Zaun (which made sense to me because it's in Toronto). I want to get it right, because if Remy's out a long time I will want to update my all-time broadcasters page with the fill-ins (at the end of the year - not every day). Last time I had to piece together the list after he had already been out for a while, but this time I'm making note as we go along, just in case.
I'm just realizing now those two guys are two different people.......uh...yeah I just looked it up and it is Gregg Zaun.
Whoever it was, they make Ben Stein look exciting.
Zaun is awful. In addition to having a voice that simultaneously puts me on edge and lulls me to sleep, he has only the most pointless insights. At one point he actually stated that the catcher's job is to keep the ball from rolling to the backstop. I think that tribal people never exposed to baseball, living in isolated jungles
would be able to figure out job of the "CATCHer" without ever seeing a game.

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