Wednesday, April 20, 2011

You: Working, Them: Playing

6:47: Pap puts tying runs on, but wraps it up. 5-3 WIN.

5:52: Drew dong, and it's 5-1 us at stretch time.

5:20: JED with a 2-run dong. We lead 4-1 in the 6th and in the rain.

4:44: 2-1 Red Sox in the fourth. Coco donged on the first pitch HH threw. We got one back in the second, but they got a DP to end the rally. And then in top 4, Youk hit a HR to give us the lead. But then, with a guy on first and no outs, a terrible series of events: Double play ball that they botch, everybody's safe. Double play ball that Crawford beats out so they only get one. And whatta ya know, third consecutive double play ball, this time they turn it and we get nothing. That just killed me. Updates later.


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