Sunday, April 17, 2011

It's A new Way Of Life

After the second home game of the season, I showed you this picture and wondered why there was a second "new" behind the new balance sign over the right field bleachers:

I have solved the mystery. (As I'm sure many of you have but you didn't tell me so I get credit for the solve.) Last night we left the game and while sitting in the car facing the park, I noticed that sign was flashing: "we" then "won" over and over. Facing out. I knew it was the back side of that sign. So that's the new thing--if you're in the neighborhood or driving past Fenway on the Pike, the "we/won" alerts you that we won. It's a little weird since the lights of the "e" would be slightly different to make it face out, same with the "n". And the "o" is just the outer circle of the "e".

And only as I'm writing this am I realizing that it must also flash "we won" facing the people IN the park, too, since that "new" seems like it can rise up. But wait, then the letters would be in reverse order. I don't know--I've been to two wins and both times I had the overhang blocking that board. So there's a new mystery. Anyone know?

Sox vs. Js, 1:35.

[Bonus previously unseen shot--here's a close-up of the "new"/"we"/"won":]

perhaps the we/won flashing that you see on the outside is - to the people on the inside - flashing 'new' and highlighting the new in new balance balance in a flashy manner. and they got creative and resourceful with it and turned it into a we won sign while they were at it. or maybe the reason for adding it was to add the sign, and they figured out a way to have it play 2 roles.

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