Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wanton Soupy Sales Pitch A Tent Pole

This thing on the front page of redsox.com uses a picture of Fenway as its background. I just wonder why they chose a shot from the 2003-2005ish (as you can tell by the windows on the .406 club, the old one-dimensional FENWAY PARK sign, the old white championship banners off to the right side, and the Comcast/NESN sign). The windows came down after the 2005 season. Do they just use Google Images? Surely they have access to current pictures of their own park, right? I could see either using a classic old shot or a current one, but not one from 6-8 years ago, especially since they're so proud of the renovations they've done since then. Maybe when they made the decision, they thought, "Whatever, this is a little older, but only that one guy with the yellow blog will notice. Run it."

Also, either the flag pole up top is washed out by the white sky, or it's airbrushed out--as if we (okay, I) wouldn't notice! I've actually seen this done before, on a photo someone put onto a canvas. They just took it right out, I guess so you could make the park go closer to the top edge of the shot instead of having extra wasted space along the top just to get that flag in there. Just crop it tight and erase that little line. And leave us to scoff at your wanton destruction of Fenway Park....

Here's something unrelated for ya: the new Morgan Spurlock "doc-buster" comes out Friday. It's all about product placement, should be very interesting.

Red Sox @ Oakland, late. I'll be up. No team in baseball has a longer winning streak than ours. Except Cleveland.

... only that one guy with the yellow blog will notice.


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