Thursday, April 21, 2011

Turning Over A New Leaf

I've been enjoying the crap out of the new Fenway Park 100 site. Especially the Through the Years section. Click a decade, then a year, then read about each year--and to find pictures from that year, click a section on the left and they pop up on the right. Lots of new videos mixed in there too.

Thank Moses Christ they made a legitimate site for this thing, and not "facebook dot com slash fenway park" or whatever--if they'd done it that way, I probably would have killed everyone. Not "everyone involved," but "everyone on our Great Earth." Which would have been followed by a search of the universe for more life to destroy. But then I'd need some type of space program that I probably couldn't have started on my own even using existing ships. So I would have had to spare the people of the space program and astronomers in general. But they'd still have to find this other life. So I'd set up some kind of "social network" so that the creatures of all the different planets could communicate with each other and let them know when they'll be home and when they'll be sitting at a coffee shop, and of course where in the universe their planet is located and the best directions to get there. Using this "social network" I'd locate all the other life, then bring everyone from the space program and the astronomers to the other planets, and kill them just before introducing myself to the aliens and then killing them too.

And that's how I used social networking to save the universe (from being alive). Maybe it does have some positives....


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