Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Those Wacky Sox

NYT story about Manny here.

Crazy Carl arrested.

Looks like a nice day in Balty. Let's play one.

Yeah, I saw that Manny article in the Times linked elsewhere this morning; it's a great read, and great photos accompanying it.

I'm kinda ashamed at what a big Carl Everett defender I used to be; I even told Duquette at spring training in 2000 how excited I was about that trade.
I guess I didn't really need to throw in the word "kinda"
I was a huge Carl fan. Called him OLS (Our Lord & Savior) because I thought he'd lead us to the promised land.

Still mad at Bobby V for messing with him on that batter's box thing. (When Bobby V was a few feet away from our table at his restaurant, telling him that was my answer to my friend's Q: What would you say if you were to go talk to him?)
Yeah, I liked him because he was clearly such a huge offensive upgrade over Darren Lewis' noodle bat, and was (shamefully) willing to overlook the domestic violence stuff back then on the lack of evidence. The fact that clowns like the CHB hated him only made me like him more. And I even defended him after the Kulpa batters' box incident, even though at the time I was taken aback by how out of control he was that day. Pre-2004, when I was younger and desperate to see the Sox win a championship, I was more willing to tolerate bad behavior in guys who could produce. But the homophobia, hair-trigger temper, and multiple charges of spousal/child abuse are way too much to give this jerk a pass.
Final thought: I feel, for some strange reason, compelled to point out that despite my overall negative view of Everett these days, I'll always be grateful to him for two things:

1) breaking up Mussina's perfect game
2) coining Shaugnessy's Curly Haired Boyfriend moniker, which Danny will never live down.
Two awesome things!

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