Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Spike Owen For President. Minus Spike President.

The good news is I got to watch my first hi-def Red Sox game in my own home.

The bad news is the thing about losing again. Just a basic, disheartening, ho-hum kind of loss in front of seven fans in Cleveland. It's up to Dice tomorrow night to be the only starter to get a win in the first five games.

In other news, I'd been waiting to see if your New England Ford Dealers would yet again go with the old Sox logo on their commercials. Over the winter they've been using the Celts logo, but tonight, I got to see their first commercial of the baseball season. This year they're saying that they're not only the "official" sponsor of both the Sox and Celts, but that they're an "enthusiastic" one, too. But sure enough, this enthusiastic sponsor is STILL going with the old, un-updated logo. This marks their third year of not knowing. I think it's finally time I let them off the hook with an e-mail.

[Update 10:03: Was pleasantly surprised to see the Twins tied the Yanks after being down 4-0 late. SorryAsshole 2 blew it. Now they've gone ahead in the 10th!]

[Update 10:24: Yanks lose--Jeter makes final out as a bonus.]

The other nice thing about the Yanks' loss is that the Twinkies tied it on a Jeter-esque bloop into RF that somehow rolled past Swishalicious.

As for the Sox, looks like I picked the wrong season to stop sniffing glue.
Don't worry, Striker lands the plane safely in the end.

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