Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pre-Lame Activities

To further clarify the pre-game situation: Okay, when I was in the park 2 hours early, forced to stay between the bases, I noticed the RSN people were still on the Monster and in center field. And I thought, Wait a minute, if they're still allowed to be on the Monster, and they got in a half-hour before gates, that would mean they're getting a full hour up there. And sure enough, that's what the show on the chart on this page.

So I will use the 7:10 game time example to compare last year with this year.

Last year:

4:40: RSN people let in.
5:10: RSN people leave Monster and stay in park, while all gates open and all fans can go anywhere. Red Sox batting practice is still going on for 20 more minutes-ish.

This shitty year:

4:40: RSN people let in.
5:10: Gate A and D open, regular fans herded through one gate, one stairway, one walkway to get to field, where they stay between the bases. RSN people remain on Monster/CF.
5:35: RSN people leave Monster.
5:40: Rest of gates open, anyone can go anywhere. Red Sox batting practice has ended so no non-RSN fans get to see any of it.

Now part of me wants to not get an RSN membership to boycott the shittiness of the whole new system. Another part is saying, "Now RSN is my only chance to see Red Sox BP and have a shot at getting a ball while the crowd is still sparse." Whereas last year, even though I had the membership, I'd still sometimes just enter when the regular gates opened, and was still one of only a handful of people in CF where I usually try for HR balls. While knowing I could roam freely, go to the dugout to get pics, etc. All while the RED SOX WERE STILL HITTING.

So I really don't know what to do, except write the team and tell them to just change it back. You know what would have made sense? Keep it the same as last year but make Gates A and D open an additional half-hour early. That way, even with the new BP sked, regular fans could still come extra early to see the Sox hit. So the 2.5 - 2 hours-before-game period would have the RSN people in the Monster, and the A & D people between the bases. Then at the 2 hour mark, all gates open and everyone goes anywhere. Meaning a fan could do what they did last year, OR get a BONUS half hour with some restrictions. That would have been more than fair.

Yanks @ Sox, 8:05, ESUrineN.

This is apparently a cost-cutting move--paying fewer ushers and security folks for that first half hour. That said, what I would have done is kept it that same as always but open Gate C 2 1/2 hours early and let folks only into the bleachers (and open a minimum of concessions there). I can't see how restricting access is a good idea--and if you got people used to coming early you'd make more money off them anyway. I know you don't usually eat at the park, but I do--between BP and the game. But if BP is going to be a hassle--if I have to wait in lines, shuffle through the one entrance, and miss BP anyway, OR get there really early in hopes I'm not too late to get in with RSN (and then hate shooting from the Monster anyway)--then I'm just going to eat first and show up forty minutes before gametime to go to my seat. This is a really poorly thought out plan.
Just one thing--I always eat at the game between BP and game. Usually a (now) 4.75 pizza slice. Maybe you were thinking of how I don't eat meat, or how I don't drink, or how I don't ever miss any of the actual game by going to eat during the action or even between innings.

But anyway, yeah I could see myself just skipping the whole thing--and yeah, I could probably eat before I go. Or at least a lot of other people would. I agree, they'd make more money by saying, Come in as early as you want and go wherever you want.

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