Friday, April 08, 2011

Opening Days I've, Like, Been To

4/8/2011: ???
Rangers Ballpark, 4/1/2011. No need to click that link, it's from a few days ago.
Fenway Park, 4/4/2010. Pedro!
Fenway Park, 4/8/2008. Ring ceremony, etc.
Fenway Park, 4/11/2005. Ring ceremony, etc. -- pictures are gone, because I had those hosted through a now-defunct aol pictures site. But they were just video stills and I still have the video so eventually I'll repost.
Yankee Stadium, 4/3/2005. Pics gone, same deal as above. Except they were early digital camera shots.
Yankee Stadium, 4/12/1993. (Links from here down are just to the box scores.) Don't have much of a memory of this Yanks-Royals game, only non-Red Sox Opening Day game I've attended. Went with a friend/Bronx-native Yankee fan.
Yankee Stadium, 4/7/1992. I was in high school--did I skip school for this? And the '93 game? I was a senior for that and a junior for this. Maybe it was April vacation. Anyway, Mo Vaughn hit the foul pole and I saw it from the left field bleachers. Both these Yankee Stadium games were general admission bleachers. What they used to do is open up the RF bleachers and then start forcing people through to the left field bleachers when the RF was full. My ticket stubs from both these games are at the end of my tribute to the BRUT sign.

And that's it, as far as I can remember. I've also been to a bunch of those exhibition games that are in the real parks right before the season starts. Like this year in Houston and the first games at the new Mets and Yanks parks in '09. So I got that goin' for me.

You and I have been to two Opening Days, Jere: last year when Pedro and Neil appeared, and in 1992 at the Toilet.

Keep the Faith tomorrow.
I STILL can't believe you were at the Red Sox-Ranger game this year and I DID NOT meet you!!!!

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