Monday, April 25, 2011

New Video Of An Old Classic

Back in September 2005, when I lived in NYC, Rebecca and I went to the Red Sox' hotel after a Sox-Yanks game in the Bronx. You may remember these adventures from her blog and also from mine at the time. Back then, putting video on the web wasn't like it is now, so all you got was still frames. But I'm finally getting around to posting actual vids from that era, so watch the Papelbon part come to life!

Pap and his now-wife Ashley were trying to get a cab. They soon realized there was a line for cabs, which they were decidedly not at the front of. You also see the moment when I inform Ashley of my "Little Papi" nickname for Jon. Despite my clarification that he's only small compared to Big Papi, I learned attempting to convince a woman that her major league athlete boyfriend is "little" is futile.

Pap had only appeared in 9 MLB games at that point. I'm guessing these days he gets around town a lot easier....

Look for more pictures from that night coming to life soon. Maybe. (I've done one already, a brief shot of Keith Foulke waving at me--though that vid's quality is very weak, posted to YouTube in 2007, may have to re-do it.)

ah, they were so innocent...

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