Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mikey Doesn't Like It

HUGE mistake on Jeopardy last night. There was a clue about Jere's Personal Movie Hall of Fame film A Mighty Wind. In it, "Mitch & Mickey" were mentioned. Only they put "Mikey" instead of "Mickey," complete with Alex saying it as the incorrect "Mikey." It's not often they make mistakes (that I spot anyway) on that show, but this was a terrible one.

Red Sox/Rays rained out tonight. Interesting--over the last few years the team's MO has been to just open the gates on time, keep watching the weather, wait a long time, and then play or call it off. Kelly noted the other day that the new pre-game later-gates-opening and area-restricting stuff were cost-cutting things. If that's the case, it makes sense that their new system would be to just call off any iffy games early so they don't have to pay any employees at all. I'm sure most people will prefer this new method, though, so you don't go and get wet only to have to go home without having seen any baseball. Especially people who live farther away.

(Game will be made up in August, so we now have 2 days off, and Dice-K can therefore be skipped this time through the rotation. You can theorize that's why they called this game, but I'm going with my above version.)

And check out this pic I took on Opening Day at Fenway. It's looking underneath the batter's eye from the right edge of section 35 toward 34 and the camera well. Click it to see it reeeeally big, and you can see through to the other side:

Ha, I was gonna make a joke about skipping Lackey, and now Joy Boy is saying the Herald and EEI are saying that's exactly what they'll do!
There was a ton of water on the ground in Boston--I really think that even with the new drainage the field wasn't going to be playable, which would have made the early call possible.
I feel like they haven't made the call this early in...a long time. But I could be wrong. But I know the "usual" way the last few years is to wait it out, and fans always seemed to complain about that.

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