Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Making Up For It

Was mildly pissed after losing 4-1 to the O-Birds--but right after the game ended, I switched over to MLBNet for the end of the Yanks game. The White Sox were up by 1, but the Yanks had men on first and second, one out. A-Rod drills one toward the 200-ft. fence in right. Will tie the game, maybe end it...but no! Lillibridge makes a leaping catch going to his left at the wall! Two outs. Cano up, now a double will win it, and he also lines one to right. Lillibridge goes over, dives, and makes a tremendous catch, raising both arms in triumph WHILE sliding on his stomach, his face going right into the grass. Yanks lose, and my night is salvaged.

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This comment has been removed by the author.
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I deleted those three because I wasn't happy with them. It was too early in the AM, Ok, here we go...

For a second there Jere, you turned into Ken Coleman. His call on a Yaz catch when Carl ran straight out, back to the plate at Yankee Stadium to make an impossible catch is something I'll never forget...the catch OR the call. Kenny then says this..."he dives and makes a TREMENDOUS catch" at the top of his lungs.

Best call i ever heard. One of the top three catches I've ever seen. I'd wager you've seen the B&W replay. Thanks and sorry for the deleteds.
It's okay. Yes, I never say the word "tremendous" without thinking of Ken Coleman. Was no coincidence I described a Yankee Stadium catch by a visiting player that way.
Those catches were sweet. I love the Yanks' reactions, both involving their helmets: A-Roid putting his hands on his head ("Oh no, Mommy, he caught the ball!") and then Cano firing his on the ground in disgust.

You may be a little generous with the RF wall dimension. I think it rings in at 196.
Has anyone ever seen Brent Lillibridge and Clay Buchholz in the same room together?

Those catches were fantastic...like Tommy Agee, Ron Swoboda, and Sandy Amoros all rolled into one.

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