Friday, April 29, 2011


Had a lead, Dice left with elbow tightness, Albers held the lead, then Jenks blew it, and our hitters took the last few innings off, and we lost by one. Although Lowrie hit one all the way to the Triangle that would have tied it in the ninth. On the JoS thread, Kathryn asked, "did you see the salute [Saunders] gave the fans" after his catch. I didn't--I had only remembered the salute a fan gave to him:

(It's the girl on the right. The guy in red is asking for the ball, despite that it wasn't the last out, and I don't know what the girl in the purple crown is doing.) So I rewound and finally saw the salute the guy gave, it was to someone in straight away center above the 18-foot wall, as he was walking back to his position:

Anyway, another great moment that I'm sure 92-96% of viewers missed was the 4 year-old kid in the crowd imitating Youk's stance right behind Youk while he was up:


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