Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Go To Hell/Die

Goddamn it. We come back with four in the eighth to tie, then give one up in the bottom half, and suddenly the game's over. We anti-win, 5-4.

Rick Dempsey was in the booth replacing the sub-weather Remy. My mind turned right to sliding on the tarp in a rain delay--and Don's did too, mentioning it in the first inning. No video, unfortunately.

After we botched a pop-up to shallow center, Beckett gave up a big dong to make it 2-0. Next guy hits another dong, thought Carl Crawford had plenty of time to climb the wall and rob it.

Anyway, going to the eighth, we looked done, but our fans really got into it, and soon we had two on, down three, Youk up. I made a prediction at JoS that came true--that we tie it Weaver style. How can you have two runners on in Baltimore and not think of Weaver's favorite type of dong? Youk did it, and it was tied.

Bottom 8, Bard in, and he's got nothing. Gives up a single to Markakis, which is understandable, as Nick is one of our nation's best athletes. But then he gives up another solid single an OH AND TWO PITCH. Inexcusable. After the runners move up on a wild one, another one scoots past Tek. But Bard makes an amazing plate block to tag out the go-ahead run. But on the next pitch, before we were done soaking in the feeling, Bard gives up another solid hit right back through the middle, and the O's led 5-4. And there's your final.

And in the 8th, the hockey game went overtime. Again. We've had to watch several games on NESN+, which is NOT in HD in my area. And these stupid hockey games, it seems, even when they're not at the same time as the baseball games, just go on all day and I don't get to see the Red Sox in HD. End this hockey crap!

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Bad news for you, good news for the majority of New England sports fans: you have at least four more Bruins games to deal with. They actually came through in a Game 7 overtime against their hated rivals from Montreal. I thought they were gonna blow it again after they gave the Habs a stupid power play late in the 3rd.

I don't know why NESN+ isn't in HD at this point.
NESN+ is in HD in some areas, on some systems. If you check the list though you'll see Rhode Island FioS does not have it in HD. If they would just fix that on their end we'd have no problem, other than me being pissed on principal at them treating the Red Sox like second class citizens--but in that case there'd be nothing different about the viewing experience.

I'd say a majority of all sports fans don't give a crap about hockey. Unless you ask them at playoff time.

And we did switch over after the Sox ended, saw the final goal. (I'd watch overtime of a Game 7 if it was kids on my street playing soccer with a rock. As long as the Red Sox weren't on.) Hopefully the game times for next round don't match up at all.
But that's the key's playoff time. You may not like it, but there's no way NESN is gonna make an early season Sox game against the O's a higher priority than a Game 7 between the Bruins and Canadiens. There may be far more Sox fans than Bruins fans in the region, but (yourself excluded) a majority of them are gonna be more interested in the deciding game of the series...particularly given that Bruins/Canadiens is essentially the Sox/Yanks rivalry of the NHL.

I say this as someone with very limited interest in the NHL (used to like the Whalers when they existed) with very tepid rooting interest in the B's. But they're making the right programming decision.
But it's a gateway drug to even crappier sports. They're already showing their soccer team on there. One of these days it's gonna be a really important soccer game and they're gonna bump the Red Sox.

Hopefully by then NESN+ will be HD everywhere.
I don't think you have to worry too much about an live English Premier League match conflicting with a Sox game on NESN. And, of course, crappy sports are in the eye of the beholder. There's probably a UK version of Jere somewhere in England who's been a huge Liverpool FC fan for 30 years who was really pissed off that his favorite team was bought by the American owner of that boring, crappy baseball team...the 'Red Sox' or something like that. Actually, I think that was pretty much the prevailing opinion over there last year when Henry bought the club.

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