Thursday, April 07, 2011

Getting Ridiculous

I hope you missed this afternoon game. Lester pitched great. 7 innings, zero runs. But we didn't score any either. So it was 0-0 in the bottom of the 8th. Bard comes in and walks the first guy. Then while the next guy is trying to sacrifice, they surprise us with a stolen base. Then they bunt the runner to third, then they squeeze him home. No hits, one run. So it goes to the ninth. Our first two go down, before Papi walks, and Darnell pinch runs for him. Drew hits a dribbler toward third. Not gonna be a play--tying run now on second....but no! Darnell, thinking he might be able to the mildly uncovered third base, rounds second way too fast, and when he stops himself, he slips. It was the slip that was key, because even rounding that far was okay, he knew he had plenty of time to get back--if he hadn't slipped, which he did. So he goes crawling desperately back to the bag and is thrown out barely. Game over. NESN had only one angle on it. We were shielded on that angle. Darnell argued. I think he may have been safe but we had no other angle to look at. If it was a bad call, it wouldn't have been the first of the game as the umping was as foggy as the day. So another weird loss, and we're 0-6. I don't care about the 0-6, but I do care about losing six goddamn games in a row. If just a tiny bit of the offense showed up today--against freakin' Fausto Carmona--it's an easy win. Home opener tomorrow. Rays down 2-0. We need them to lose so we're not the only 0-6 team.

I should say it wasn't a dribbler to third but a ball that hit the pitcher and went over to the third baseman who *would have* had no play.
Today hurt.
But tomorrow is another day.
And another day at Fenway. A place where (hope-upon-hope) miracles happen.
Well, to be fair, you did predict a sweep in this just picked the wrong team to do the sweeping. And with Lackey and Beckett going this weekend against the MFYs, Clay better win this Saturday, or else we're probably looking at 0-9 on Monday morning. Oy.

This team needs an enema.
Well, that makes me happy...Lackey was as godawful as I feared, but fortunately Phil Phranchise was worse. I'll take it.

I enjoyed what I saw out of Contract Year Paps today as well.
Clay joined that "club" this afternoon. I guess two in a wow was too much for me to hope for...right now. C'mon Sox!
Row, not wow by any means.

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