Monday, April 25, 2011


Yanks were getting no-hit through 6 tonight. Got to watch the end on ESPN. With McDonough! But also Aaron Fuckin' Boone:( Anyway, they broke it up, but went on to lose 2-0 at home to the ShySox.

So we're three games out of first on April 25th.

Hey, check this out: Go to, click Standings, then click Scoreboard, then hit your back button to go back to the Standings page. Does it show the standings of June 11, 1981 on your browser? It does on mine. (That's right when baseball went on strike--I wonder if this has to do with the NFL thing or.....?)

It happened when I just did it, Jere. Really weird. Hey, the Sox were only four back when the strike hit...
Indeed, it does show the June 11, 1981 standings. Very weird.
I came across it totally randomly. It's not like I'm "always watching the standings to see if they'll default to 30 years ago" or anything.

And trying to change the url to see any other dates isn't working. It's like that have that one day in 1981, plus 2001-present available.
It worked for me too.

I remember when Sports Illustrated did their post-strike 2nd half preview in '81 with the same George Brett/Mike Schmidt cover they had used in the spring. I was pretty psyched when the article predicted the Sox could win the East in the back half. Oh well. I always look at that entire season as fraudulent anyway, since they changed the rules for making the post-season in the middle of the year. As I recall, the Reds and one other team really got screwed.

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