Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Fun Things

This thing is cool. If you know someone who was at the Final Four, send 'em that link.

If you want to see whales and dolphins and seals, go to New York City.

Read all about the Fenway improvements for 2011 here. A few key things: Jamba Juice. And *new* veggie burgers and veggie dogs. Anything will be an improvement over their old ones. Instead of all gates opening 2 hours before games, now only A and D will do so. The rest will open 1.5 hours before game time. This kinda stinks, since I usually enter Gate B, where you can always be the first one in since no actual line forms (and, hardly anyone seems to know it exists.) So now if I want to get in when the park opens, I'm forced over to Yawkey Way, which has the biggest crowds. (Unless I do the RSN early entry out in center field, but I still don't know if I'm gonna sign up for that this year.) I'm also intrigued by the new analog clock at the back of the bleachers. (Also note that in the press release, they left a "(delete comma)" notation in there!)

Winless Sox @ Cleve, 7:oo.


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