Sunday, April 10, 2011

Damn It Feels Good To Beat The Yankees

Beckett doin' what we know he can. In an 8-inning performance, he only threw more pitches than the previous inning once. Zero runs. We only needed one tonight, but getting runs was a struggle. After being up just 1-0 for a long time, and stranding lots and lots of runners, we finally got a key two-run double from Scutaro off of Richard Chamberlain. (Get it, "Dick" Chamberlain? How have I not thought of that before?) Then Papi almost made all our furniture free, ending up with a 420-foot RBI double. 4-0 final as Pap pitches an A-B-C ninth.

The Red Sox are now 1-2 in series. Tampa, who is incredibly one game behind us at 1-8, comes in for three.

The new Sunday night crew was a breath of fresh air compared to Morgan/Miller. (Please note that saying that is strictly a reflection on Morgan and Miller. Anyone would be better.)

Random new Fenway thing of the night: I noticed they removed the top part of the fence between the fans and the pitchers mound of the visitors' bullpen. It used to be just the fence. (If you watch the '78 playoff, when Goose is about to come in, you can see the throw from the catcher go over the fence and doink off a fan's head.) They added a screen-fence to the regular fence. Then a few years back, they added an angled screen-fence atop that screen-fence. Now that upper one has come down again. Please make a note of it.

Also, it's very rare to see Green Monster seats available on the web site. But they had them up for tonight's game, and now I see them up for Monday night--two together even! They list them among the normal seats, not in that bottom "exotic" section. Go get 'em, people who pay $165 plus fees for baseball games.

what a great day! wish i was in boston to see it up close!
"You know Suzyn, baseball is a funny game. Before this series started, the pitching matchups seemed to favor the Yanks on Friday and Sunday, and the Sox on Saturday. But then they play the games, and the opposite results happen."

I'm wondering just how long the NY media can hold out before finally acknowledging the obvious: Jeter is aging in dog years at this point.
Jere, I have a question for you. Does each ticketholder have to be a member of RSN to get in early, or can 1 membership get 2 people in? I am coming to Boston in August for a reunion and got tickets to 2 games and want to know if I should get 1 or 2 memberships. Thanks in advance.
One membership is all you need--one other person can get in with you.

AJM--yes I was thinkin' about that ahead of time with the matchups. Even though I reeeeally thought we'd destroy Nova.

And Jeter, yeah he doesn't seem to "get hits" any more, hopefully it's permanent.

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