Sunday, April 17, 2011

C-Webb At The Controls?

Kim and I watched the Celts playoff game tonight. Here are some terrible things I noticed about the broadcast. First, the sound was ahead of the video. So a shot would be in the air, and you'd hear the swish and you'd know it was going in. Then you had these overhead camera angles. Just like with baseball, I'm fine with crazy replays! But doing it while the game is live just effs with me and often causes stuff to be missed. But the worst was the last sequence of the game. The announcers told us that the Knicks had no time outs left. Then the Celts used their last one, so as they were about to inbound the ball with like 20 seconds left, down one, we knew that if they made the go-ahead bucket, the Knicks would have to inbound right away, come down court, etc. The point is, no matter what happened, we at home all knew this game wasn't stopping until the final buzzer. So Allen makes a 3, giving the Celtics a 2-point lead. Now, remember, we all knew nobody had any timeouts left. All of us, apparently, except:

1. The players
2. The producer of the telecast

I'm sitting there knowing the Knicks must be bringing the ball up, clock ticking down, but they're not showing it. And Ray Allen's over on the sideline, celebrating with Delonte West, who's (hilariously) on the court smiling and oblivious to the fact that play was not stopped simply because it normally would be in a situation like that IF the other team had any timeouts left. He quickly made it back to the bench and the Knicks missed their shot and that was the game. So, CSN New England or whatever the fuck they're called can be as bad as some of these other networks. There was a play earlier where there was a save and they must have thought the ball had gone out of bounds and the play was dead, because they cut to a close-up of somebody and I knew play was still going on. Oh, this reminds me--NESN had a nice goof today when there was a double play with no outs, and they must have thought it was a triple play or something because they whooshed out the top score box and whooshed in the "middle 7th" graphic as if the inning was over.

Someday I'll have a nice post about all the outstanding producing skills of a sports broadcast.


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