Thursday, April 21, 2011

Another Mystery Solved

Remember how I was in NYC when Elaine (of Elaine's) died? And I shot a short, crappy video inside the window at a celebrity I recognized, and asked you who it was because I just couldn't place the face? Well, 25 of you watched the vid, and nobody came up with it.

I knew I knew this guy, though, and that one day, I'd see him again and figure this out. That night was tonight. I flipped on that documentary about Ron Galella called Smash His Camera, and there was "my guy" sitting around a table. Then they cut to him talking about Galella, and his name came on the screen: Neil Leifer....Neil Leifer! Yes, the world famous sports photographer.

I paused my DVR and looked at the face. I wanted to be sure. I went to my original video, and I definitely believed I had my guy. But to make sure, I searched for articles from that night when all those celebs showed up at Elaine's to see if he was in any of them. And boom goes the dynamite. He was there. That was him. I shall add him to my list of celebs spotted. Thanks for playing, everyone.

P.S. I know when I tell Chan this, instead of being all excited that I figured it out, he'll be like, "What delay industries....?" I mean, he'll probably remember the night in question (with a little jogging of his memory on my part), but I doubt he'll remember the guy, the vid, the mystery...

nice job but what delay industries....?
Haha, assumed Chan.
ooh... assume away...

- LD

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