Thursday, April 07, 2011

2 Complaints

1. I've mentioned this before, but I hate the official MLB way of having the "winning" bullpen and the "losing" bullpen. You're down by ONE run and you automatically have to bring in the scrubs. Why can't you play with the attitude that your awesome offense can come back from one run down against a shitty team with several innings left to play? Nope, they always save the real 'pen for when it's at least tied. Of course, in a perfect world, your "scrubs" are good enough to keep the deficit where it is. But obviously the manager always believes these guys over here are the ones who can hold a lead and these guys over here aren't good enough, so they only come in when the team's losing. So what's bound to happen? You win games you're ahead after 5-6 innings and you lose the rest--why not try to win every game, or at least the ones you've got a shot in? I guess they figure they don't wanna "waste" the good guys in a losing situation. But sometimes you have a chance to make a comeback--and that chance can disappear if you go to the bad 'pen, making it so you never get a chance to bring in the good 'pen.

2. How long has DVR technology been around? Why is it that baseball games are scheduled for exactly 3 hours? My point is, if I forget to record the show that comes on AFTER the game, I'm gonna miss the end of the game. There has to be a better way.

Actually, let's move on to two more 'plaints: NESN, leave baseball on the main channel, and put hockey on some alternate channel that's not available in HD in Providence. Why? Because I like baseball and I don't like hockey.

And the final one, TJ by Tek on that play. Youk did the right thing after he dropped the ball--get the out right in front of you, knowing you've got another easy out that also stops a run. I guess Tek didn't see him touch the bag or something, or thought what Remy thought, that the ump called it a purpose-drop and the play was dead. But you gotta tag the guy if you're at all unsure....

So 0-5. That's .000 to you and me, kids. I'm gonna keep guaranteeing wins until we get one. Thursday afternoon, I guarantee a win. No, a perfect game. But I'll take any win so we're not 0-6 going into Opening Day at Fenway.

I found myself having exactly the same thought about the winner/loser/scrub bullpens tonight. With a one run deficit in the 6th why are these managers throwing in the towel? If there was some kind of data that showed teams only come back in those situations 10% of the time or something I'd go along with it, but I doubt that's true. Plus it would be tainted by all the managers who put the TJ pitchers in in those cases...
Why do our pitchers all suck? The team ERA is over 8. Is it Curt Young's fault? Beckett and DiceK were half ways decent, I guess. One more shitty start from Lackey and I say put him in the pen...the bad pen. He sucked last year and he sucked in his one start this year.
Here is a positive note to the new season: forcing Heidi Whattney to eat the weirdest thing available at the ballpark.
Yeah I was gonna mention that--I like how she came right out and called it "awful." But I also would have liked for them to be talking about Youk's possible injury during that time instead of chicken-waffle eating... but it still was funny.
The guy who concocted it was the most incredible Cleveland stereotype I've ever seen, with the thick glasses, chubbiness, and lifelong dream to invent new kinds of fried food.

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