Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Win And A Tie

The game was better than Down the Line. Ellsbury knocked the ball all over the place, Lackey was good, and Adrian G. got a hit in his first Red Sox at bat.

The documentary had a few cool moments, but much of it was the same stuff you see by going to the game when gates open. They focused mainly on the grounds crew and the clubbies and a ballgirl/ambassador. They did what they could with a half hour, I suppose. "The Ballpark" dominated it, giving a true sense of what goes on behind the scenes in every aspect of game day, albeit in 1978.

The footage they got was from the July Texas series last year, and much like The Ballpark, they took several days and acted like it was one day. The team had not arrived from the west coast before that series, and the doc showed them coming home from a west coast trip, meaning that was at yet another point in the season. There also was no rain delay during that Texas series as there was in the show, so the point is that they were filming there on multiple homestands. In my post about the July 18th game I went to, I included pics my cousin Amy sent me, from July 23rd--it shows a fan who ran onto the field on the tarp getting escorted off. Since they showed fans sliding on the tarp in the doc, I guess this would be the day of the rain delay they filmed.

I kept looking for myself in the crowd, but it turns out I did not star in the program.


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