Thursday, March 03, 2011

This Post Contains Multiple Uses Of The Phrase "Bathroom Stuff"

Saw Jon Richman out in Northampton tonight. I think he may be the musician I've seen play live the most at this point. You know my feelings about him already, so I'll just leave it at "if you are a member of the human race, you would love a Jonathan Richman performance. So go see one." Eh, I'm sure Incubus fans feel the same way about their band, so you'll just have to trust me on this one. I took some pics but as with most concerts, the lights wash the performers' faces right out of the shot. Yes, I'm blaming the venue on my photographic failures.

At our favorite restaurant in Northampton tonight, a woman at a nearby table suddenly yelled out "does anyone have a tampon?" After a few seconds of silence (during which we all hoped against hope that she needed one for any other reason than what its main use is) I said "I don't." Someone else helped her out, at which point she asked (also loudly), "where's the bathroom?" So odd. I didn't think she was someone with mental problems or anything, more like just your average "kinda old but still lives in a hipster town on purpose" type. But eccentricity shouldn't mean saying bathroom stuff really loud in quiet restaurants. (I am talking, of course, about all bathroom stuff, not just female-specific things. I mean, if I suddenly started literally losing my shit in church* or something, I wouldn't stand up and scream "I'm shitting! I'm shitting! Can someone help?" These are legitimate emergencies, but we're living in a society here.... Later the woman went around to each table maniacally asking if anyone has a blue Honda. At which point I re-thought my stance on her mental state.)

I see Lackey did well today and so did Papi. Nice. Thursday we're home against the Phils at 1:05.

*I've only been to churches at weddings and funerals, and maybe a couple of bingo games, I just used it as the funniest possible example of a public shitting story.

Ach. I didn't realize Jonathan Richman was in Northampton last night. I would've liked to have gone to that.

What is your favorite restaurant there?

On another Northampton note, a friend recently opened up a record store on King Street called Feeding Tube records. Worth stopping by next time you're in town.
Thanks, we'll have to walk over there next time, hopefully at that time it won't be cold with frigid winds hitting our faces.

Restaurant--feel free to e-mail me and I'll tell you.

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