Thursday, March 03, 2011

Sox Doing The Opposite Of Sheen

We're *losing* to the Phillies 2-0 in the ninth, with " goddamn hit?" [Update 3:45: We lose 2-0. After Stolmy gave up 2 early runs, none of our other guys gave up any. Not even soap opera star Blake Maxwell. So there's that.]

Weird, that's two Major League-related things, Vaughn and Doyle. Speaking of that, I wanna know why the tabloids aren't calling Charlie Sheen "Wild Thing"? It would make so much sense. They still call Madonna "the material girl" for no good reason, but Sheen actually HAS lived up to the name of the character he used to play. Every day the Daily News should be saying "Wild Thing Quits Show" and "Wild Thing In Trouble Again," etc. I'm right, right? I Googled it to see if any sites are regularly calling him Wild Thing, but since there are current rumors about a new Major League movie, those stories are all that came up. It's not like it was some obscure character--many people think "Rick Vaughn" as soon as they see Sheen's face. It's not like I'm asking the tabs to call Corey Feldman "Frogg" or Brian Doyle-Murray "Campsite Owner" here....


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