Saturday, March 19, 2011

Re: Met 'Em (BoVa)

Met some friends at Bobby V's in Stamford tonight. Guess who I saw. Bobby V! No pictures available.

Sox @ Bucs 1:05, NESN.

Oh sure. Go to Bobby V's and don't even call me. Of course, I was busy changing diapers and ordering takeout from Mackenzie's on the north side of town.

Bobby is actually there a lot. My wife and I talked with him about Dice K a few years ago.
I don't even remember the last time I was in that main section of Stamford before last night. It's, like, a pretty nice little area.

I thought V's would be more "grand"-looking, but from the outside it looks like any other bar. But of course I loved the wall-to-wall memorabilia inside.

And then V shows up, hangs around for a while, goes in the bathroom twice in a row, then adjusts a light dimmer switch next to our table and leaves.
Yeah, they've really added a lot of good places downtown over the past ten years. We could still use a few more places to listen to live music though. Bobby V. really started it all 30 years ago when he first opened his place; way before my time, but back then there was nothing else downtown, and he used to have to chase the hookers away from outside the front door every night. The memorabilia decor has always been there; he just keeps adding more uniforms and pictures from wherever he manages.

And I was downtown tonight around the corner from Bobby's picking up some more takeout. We've eaten out exactly twice since the twins were born.
I've eaten at Bobby V's before! Back in the '80s. I think it was before an Anthrax Club show.

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