Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Plunk-Off Win

I think I made this joke last year, or someone else did, but it's cool having Rice & Lin on the team. Anyway, HH pitched well tonight, but the real entertainment came from Remy and Don, who danced and made fun of big butts and chest hair. I think the shot of Don's upper-body slo-mo dance may go regional-viral. And I recorded the part about the dance contest in case that one doesn't Internetize.

The game was 1-1 in the bottom of the ninth when Navarro knocked in the winner against Richard Belzer or somebody. With a hit by pitch. Plunked on the hand with the bags bloated. A Drew dong was our first run.

Just got another ticket lottery winning e-mail! Apparently there's a last chance version of a drawing. One I've already cashed in on. So I guess I'm getting even more tix tomorrow. Monster and Yanks/Cubs. Gold.


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