Tuesday, March 08, 2011

New Rando

Okay, if you just come here for baseball stuff and despise my wacky videos, just know that this episode of Randomonium starts with a fun Fenway Park thing. So watch that, then move on to something else--I get credit for a view, and you miss all the awesome--I mean shitty in your mind--music performances and comedy bits.

And if you like the show, well, here it is, watch it. Thanks.

Red Sox won twice today, once against Roger Clemens' kid's team. (I think he's taking some of daddy's drugs. No, wait, other drugs. But drugs nonetheless.)

JERE, it's Peter. I want to thank you for that great package that was just delivered to me. My favorite is the plastic encased DEWEY. To this day, and I've seen him play many times at Fenway, he has the best arm from our spacious right field, or anywhere! Thanks so much.

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