Saturday, March 05, 2011

NESN Can Spell "Ft. Myers." Almost.

Their first home game and this is how they greet us? We'll see if they can spell "Boston" come April.

Dice-K was a little (a lot) off the mark today. Lots and lots of runs given up. 7-0 Marlins in the 4th right now.

Update 2:21: Ooh, more mistakes! Werner's in the booth and says, "I'm looking forward to that Cubs series in it May or June?" DEAD silence. Then a voice whispers "June." Orsillo quickly says "June!" Wrong. It's May. I don't get that. I understand how annoying it is when you're interviewing someone and they throw you off by asking you a question that you might be unprepared for--Eckersley loves to do this to TC: "Uh, ya got that pitcher, what's his name?" But when the question is basic enough for any Red Sox fan to answer, two key members of the Red Sox media, the producers, and one of the team's owners should be able to come up with the answer between them. As of the next inning, no one has corrected what to me is a horrible error but to most people is meaningless.

2:31: In our other split-squad game, we're up 3-1 against the O's in the 5th. Tejeda's still on fire at the plate, and Crawford has two hits. Looks like Aceves pitched well. Still losing big in the NESN game, Wake now in.

3:40: Tejeda knocks in go-ahead run in ninth vs. Balty. He's 3 for 5. NESN squad trails 11-2 in the 8th.

3:50: Fox gives up a homer to Fox! Orioles tie us, 4-4 in the bottom of the ninth of the non-NESN game.

3:57: Kapstein and Drinkwater also seemed to pull a split squad today, as Denis sat behind the plate early in the game, and Jeremy was there at the end. #99 just got a hit.

4:04: O's-Sox tied after 9. Marlins 11, Sox 2.

4:23: O's-Sox: We're ALL winners! 10-inning tie game.

Ha, so I wasn't the only one screaming, "It's May, you idiots!"

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