Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Lower Right Field Boxes Are Here!

A while ago I noticed Fenway's right field box seats had been split into "upper" and "lower," with the section numbers changed. But when buying tix, it still just said "right field box." Now, you can officially buy specifically upper or lower--both still go for $52. You can get 4 together for the Tampa series on the first homestand. And other games you can get 2. And yet more games you can get singles. They've also dumped more tix for that first homestand [edit: not just first homestand!], so if you wanted 2 in the loge or something [edit--okay, I see what they dumped, it's those $95 loge, in other words, the few sections of loge that are farthest from the plate], they've got those.

I'm also guessing you'll soon be able to add food credits to your tickets when buying them. As a (10-game) season ticket holder, I can now buy credits to add to my tickets, so when I buy food, I just have them scan the barcode. But I noticed on the web page dedicated to this, they talk about three types of credits. Patron-added, which is what I'd be doing, Sponsor-added, and Venue-added. Here's how they define that last one:

"Venue Value: These are Sox Bux that either came with the ticket when initially purchased..."

This implies you'll be able to buy a Red Sox ticket with value added to it, so you can buy food with your ticket. They already have toyed with this concept with the Roof Deck tix that come with food credits--but I don't know if that's done through the bar code on the ticket. But if it is, they've already got the system underway, and I believe they will soon let you buy any ticket with value pre-added.

Check out how sick the Sox lineup is gonna be this year:

Yankees got nothin

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