Thursday, March 10, 2011


Didn't think I'd be in the VWR today, but after last night's mystery last chance win, that's where I am. The VWR usually opens up at 11:40-11:45 lately--today it was open before 11.

Last time there was controversy with the ticket limit--in one place, it said 1 game, 4 tix. In other places, it just said 4 tix. I didn't risk it, but I feel like if you had gotten multiple games, as long as you didn't surpass 4 total tix, you'd have been fine. Maybe. Well, on this last chance sale, NOWHERE does it say there's a one-game max. It just says 4 tix is the limit. So either they forgot to say it, or, since this sale is mostly for singles and obstructed views, they WANT you to take as many as possible, so they waived the one-game limit. Should I risk it? Before this win, I had the tickets I wanted, so I should think of this as a bonus, and risk it, getting 4 tix over anywhere from 1-4 games. I will take screen shots of all the places they have the rules posted, and bring those to my trial....

Also, I'd been checking the site to see if they were gonna dump Monster SROs, and they have not--now I know they were waiting to do it through this sale. So if you're looking to get on the Monster--I'd say watch starting today at 2 (or at the end of the day, or tomorrow at 10 a.m.) to see if they start putting them up for individual games.


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