Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Inspectah On-Deck Strikes Again

I got this thing from MLB that came in an envelope with a big picture of Shea Stadium on it. So I immediately got to work trying to figure out which game it was.

Some things to note: The SportsChannel logo (similar to this) by the visitors' dugout. Mets games were on there from around 1980 until 1998 when it changed names. And by 1995 that logo had changed. Here's a slightly closer shot:

So my initial guess was early 90s as it didn't look much older than that. But then I saw something else that narrowed it down. Check out that Zubaz hat in the crowd at the very bottom:

That's right, it's the Super Bowl XXV logo. That game was from January 1991. So this game had to be between '91 and '94. I would say '91, since that's the most likely year you'd be wearing a Super Bowl hat from 1991. And the visitors' on-deck circle and dugout logos tell us the Mets' opponents are the Giants. In what's clearly a day game. We can also figure out some of the players, but my first thought on the pitcher was Dwight Gooden. Just looks like his body to me. The play going on involves the second baseman. He's crouched down and the second base ump is giving an out call. Almost like he made a jumping catch on a liner and has landed, or had to go down low to get it. The batter and everyone else have slowed up, knowing the play's over. Some people in the crowd are still clapping.

At that point I went to the 1991 schedule, found the first Mets-Giants series, and went to the Sunday game, which Gooden started. And I think I nailed it exactly. Because there's a lineout to second base early in the game (when the fans would all still be there as in the pic). Mike Felder is the hitter. Willie McGee was on deck, and that sure looks like his body and #51 in the pic. The infielders all match, too. And according to the Farmer's Almanac, the high at LaGua that day was 71.1 which makes sense too.

So my final answer is May 5th, 1991, top of the third. There are a few other SF-Mets day games in our window, but this moment matches up pretty perfectly.


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