Saturday, March 12, 2011

Holy Crap!

It's both weird and awesome to see your friends in a commercial. But here are Kelly and Cyn in NESN's commercial full of Truck Day scenes:

It's funny--I can always spot Kelly at Fenway with her red hair and long lens protruding from her face. In this case, I was proud to spot her while I had the menu up on my TV (meaning the picture only took up a corner of the screen)...and in black and white! While rewinding I thought, That was freakin' Kelly, and I bet that was Cyn next to her. And there they were. I read Cyn's blog--Toeing the Rubber--every day and I don't remember her mentioning this but I could be wrong. (I've also seen this commercial before, don't know how I didn't see them until this time.) And Kelly's work can be seen at SittingStill dot smugmug dot com.

I should also add that, sadly, NESN cameras did not catch me by the side of the highway dozens of miles away from Fenway watching for the Truck that day. I never did see it go by, but I did see a "Cyn" truck! I forgot to send Cyn that picture. I will do that now.

Gonzalez: 1 for 1!

This is so great, thank you! I actually never mentioned it on my blog (I have yet to see the commercial the still is from. I saw a clip online but haven't seen it on NESN). Now I will; I'll just link to yours!

I look like Charlie Brown with my tongue sticking out. :)

And I love the Cyn truck!! I've never seen one before!
The tongue proves you're in true concentration mode!
I loved that the commercial managed to capture what Truck Day is about. (Sure, it also captured the fact that you really CAN summarize it on 30 seconds, but still.)

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