Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Cape Of The Codfish (Codpiece?)

Kim had to go to this crazy spice store out on Cape Cod so I went, too. It's still weird to me that "the Cape" is so close to where I live. It's about an hour to the beginning and another hour to the tip. I think I've only been there three times before today. Anyway, I picked a lighthouse near where we were going, and we checked it out in the windy drizzle.

The sea was angry this day. I had no idea we'd be at the edge of a cliff when I found this lighthouse on the map. Here's a closer look at that yellow sign:

The cliff has been eroding, and in 1996, they moved the actual lighthouse away from it. A rock marks where it once stood, dangerously close to where the precipice is now. They have a little viewing station so you can walk nearly to the edge and look out at the ocean (this is on the ocean side, as opposed to the bay side). Here's the lighthouse, as seen from the edge of the cliff:

On the below map, the spot is to the right of where it says North Truro. You can zoom in from there. Highland Lighthouse.

View Larger Map

Read the history of it here. (The picture of Benjamin Lincoln is tough to look at--it's like, "I'm not Benjamin Franklin, and I'm not Abe Lincoln. I'm Benjamin Lincoln. And I'm so, so sad.")

Dice-K wasn't exactly awesome today. We have half Twins and half Astros tomorrow. 1:05 each. If spring training ended today, the Royals wouldn't meet the Giants for the World Series of March.

Looks like an old man trying to send back soup at a deli.

Despite living in RI and going to school at the beginning of the cape, I've never been out to the tip of it either.
There is also a picture of fans at an early 1900s baseball game, but you can't really see anything.
Ha--I figured that was just another golf picture. Too bad that photographer didn't walk a little closer to the action before shooting.

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