Saturday, March 05, 2011

Bang Heads

In college I knew this girl with the unfortunate nickname of "Flem." This was right when that second season of Beavis & Butt-head was new, and it was all we watched on TV. One of the videos on there was Danzig's "Mother." So suddenly everybody knew the song, even sorority-types like Flem. (If you're unfamiliar, it's the song my friend Brian sang in the shower.) One day, we were watching videos, and a different version of "Mother" came on than the one Beavis and Butt-head watched. (There was both the original "Mother" and the live "Mother '93.") Flem looked quizzically at this other "Mother" and, sounding suspicious if not scorned, said, "This isn't 'Mother'...."

I don't know what was funnier, that she considered it an inferior "Mother," or that a "normal" girl was familiar enough with the band Danzig to be able to differentiate between its videos. The point is, I felt like Flem tonight--we've all been hearing and reading and seeing stuff about our new superstar Red Sox and our healthy old ones who we missed so much while they were injured last year, we finally get a look at them in action, but..."this isn't Red Sox." Just a bunch of back-ups. And Clay Buchholz.

But it was still great to actually watch Red Sox baseball tonight on TV for the first time in 2011. Nice job by ClayHH shutting down the Yanks. We were shut down by Colon--but, like I said, we had a lineup of basically all subs. Finally Tejeda knocked in a bunch of runs and we got the win. It's always fun to watch Iglesias in the field. On a 6-3 double play he touched the bag, then almost nailed A-Rod in the face with the throw. I say this every spring training, but beating the Yankees never gets old. So I guess saying it never gets old either.

NESN has Saturday's game, too. (MLBNetwork for everybody else.) 1 o'clock-ish. Hopefully we'll see the real "Mother" out there.


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