Sunday, February 06, 2011

XLV Contest

Click to make bigger. The entries are in: We have 19 contestants plus me. Everybody gets 5 squares. There will be 4 or more prizes which will be announced Monday. Winner of the final score gets to choose a prize first. Halftime winner chooses second. Third quarter winner picks third. Lowly first quarter champ gets the last choice.

I placed everyone in the grid in the order they entered the contest starting at top left. I put in all 20 names left to right. Then I repeated 4 times, each time starting one square to the right, so everybody will have 5 completely different sets of numbers. Then I drew numbers for the Steelers and Packers, in a video.

In case you don't know the rules: Let's say it's Packers 14, Steelers 10 after the first quarter. It's the last digit that counts (it doesn't matter which team is winning the game), so look on the grid for Packers 4, Steelers 0: Ryan. He wins the first quarter. Simple. You each have 5 sets of numbers. Each set is its own individual score. So there will be one winner for each quarter. If the game goes to overtime, the "final score" winner will be determined by the final score, not the score at the end of regulation.

Now, let's look at some of these numbers... 0-0 is always a strong contender, since the game starts at 0-0, and since the two most common scores in the game of football are 7 and 3. So even if a team leaves 0, it's one score away from getting right back to 0. Tex, the first to enter, fittingly got the golden double goose egg. I got 3-0 Packers, and Boston Fan in Wichita got 3-0 Steelers. JS got 7-0 Steelers, and my mom got 7-0 Packers. Patrick nailed 7-7. Those are your biggies. 6s, 4s, and 1s are also good. But with 2-point conversions, anything can happen. Good luck. And happy birthday, mom! Hope you get a b-day prize.

Also, Carvey is hosting SNL right now, and he and Myers did Wayne's World! And Carvey did a Church Chat! The Church Lady danced with Justin Bieber! And now he's doing Regis! '92 is back!

Let's go 8-8!
Yay Ryan!

I have both 7/8 and 8/7.
Funny how the 4-0 example came true!
Rooting for a TD and a botched extra point. P1/S9.

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