Thursday, February 17, 2011

What's Currently Up With: The 2004 Red Sox (Part 1 of 3)

Terry Adams: I really have no idea. After spending the 2006 at Indianapolis (Pirates' AAA team), he disappeared, at least from the Internet.

Abe Alvarez: After pitching in Italy in 2009, Abe is back at his old college, Long Beach State, as the "Undergraduate Assistant Coach." Though the Long Beach State teams are called the 49ers, the baseball team seems to be known as the Dirtbags.

Jimmy Anderson: This dude pitched in 5 games for us before being cut in July. He was with 5 organizations after that, but never appeared in another major league game. Last we heard from him was Albuquerque, 2006.

Bronson Arroyo: In the last three seasons, Bronson has HIT as many home runs as Wily Mo Pena has--in fewer at bats!

Pedro Astacio: Well this is interesting. A blurb on his Wikipedia page says Pedro has applied for Pakastani citizenship so he can compete in the "National Jai Lai Championships." Other sites have picked up this tidbit, but I can't find any other info about it, or even if the NJLC exists. Considering "Lai" should be spelled "Alai"--therefore making it the "NJAC"--I'd say this is a crock of shit. (Should we correct the spelling--and the acronym--on that page? Don't know what do do here....)

Mark Bellhorn: He was still on the Sox in '09. The Colorado Springs Sky Sox. Did not play in 2010. I think he's got another season in him, what about you?

Jamie Brown: Last we (society) heard of this guy, he was playing for the LG Twins in Japan in 2008.

Ellis Burks: Was an assistant with Cleveland through 2009, but was laid off after that season. He's probably focused on seeing his son make the bigs now....

Orlando Cabrera: Just signed a deal with the Indians.

Frank Castillo: Was pitching in independent ball as late as 2008, and two months ago became assistant pitching coach for the Cubs' Rookie League team in Mesa, Arizona.

Cesar Crespo: My Spanish is a little rusty, but he appears to still be playing in the Puerto Rican AA league.

Johnny Damon: Next....

Brian Daubach: Will be managing the Hagerstown Suns this year.

Lenny DiNardo: In Fort Myers right now--and not just because he lives there. Lenny's back with the Red Sox, after signing a minor league contract this winter.

Andy Dominique: Runs "Andy Dominique's Big League Skills & Drills" in Reno, and is a hitting instructor for the U. of Nevada softball team.

Alan Embree: Ol' Captain Cheese threw 6 games for the Charlotte Knights last season, after attempting a comeback with the Red Sox and spending some time at Pawtucket.

Keith Foulke: Last pitched for the Newark Bears in 2009--after that, I don't know. I assume it involves hockey.

Nomar: Will be doing ESPN's Wednesday Night games in 2011, along with Baseball Tonight appearances.

Fun post! Looking forward to the next installment. I can't wait to find out what Anastacio Martinez and Ricky Gutierrez are up to!

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