Saturday, February 19, 2011


Got my first gray today. This year's tickets look like last year's, except the top photo is a "Fenway Great," and lists the years that person was with the team and their position. The two I got in this envelope were Tito and Joe Cronin. Funny how there's no room for "Mgr.", so they just put "M" for Terry. Cronin is listed as an "SS." I'll let you make your own joke there. (I also tried twice to make a video of me opening the envelope, but I kept effing various things up and finally said ess it."

Nebraska basketball with a huge upset! Saw the end on ESPNSomething. Capped off the awesomeness of buying and receiving Red Sox tickets on the same day. (And as the crowd swarmed the court, you could see a hand-written sign carried by a fan that said "Texas is Dumb.")

And finally, we as a society love watching attempts at cleaning up curse-filled movie scenes. But this one takes the confection, between a bad cut and a terrible job replacing the swears.


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